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About Us



Welcome to Cowtown Mini Donuts. 

We would like to tell our little story that turned into something huge in our lives. 

I (Cortney) always dreamed of owning my own food truck. Years ago I looked into a franchise and was checking out the options of owning and operating a food truck through their company. It just wasn't feasible for what my budget was. 

After a lot of thinking and trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I decided it just wasn't in my best interest at the time..

Years go by and I meet my wonderful husband Travis Stewart. Travis and I met, married (on National Donut Day) and bought a house fast and in love. One night we were talking about nothing in particular and then I mentioned my love for food trucks and how I always wanted to open one. He asked me what kind of food I would want on the truck. I told him there was a time when my daughter was in soccer at a very little age. I would go to the field super early on Saturday mornings, sitting there with that chilly breeze and nothing to do but watch littles run around chasing the ball. 

I told him how I always thought it would be cool to have a coffee and donut food truck. Ya know, pull up to the fields and make those mommas so happy they had warm coffee and donuts while they watch their littles play.

Okay so after I told him my story and thoughts. He looked at me and said "Well what are we waiting for?!"

Me thinking "well that wasn't hard to convince!" haha

​Anyway, shortly after I told him about my dream.. it all started to become a reality. We started doing so much research on food trucks, the builds, permits, how to operate one.. etc. And after months of planning and building, we made our dream turn into a reality! 

Real quick, let's talk about where I came up with Cowtown Mini Donuts. I did so much research on our city, Kansas City. I wanted this truck to show and speak my personal roots. I was born and raised in Kansas City. After some research I learned that "Cowtown" is a old nickname for the city. That being because believe it or not, what we see now around the city is not what it's always been. This was farm land and a big ol "Cowtown". So there she is "Cowtown Mini Donuts". 

We have now been operating since 2018.. I absolutely love what we do and I can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

Much Love,

Cortney and Travis

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